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Filmmaking & Video Production

Looking for help shooting your next feature length or short film project? Maybe you need a kickass promotional video to advertise your product or business? We can help!

Video Games

Burned Copy can assist you with your video game related projects too! If you need art assets, sound effects, music, voice overs or other promotional imagery like cover art or a trailer, we can help!

Audio Engineering

Get professional-quality audio at rates every production can afford! We are capable of delivering sound effects, music, voice overs and more for animated and live action projects alike!



“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.” ― Stanley Kubrick

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Adrian Santiago

Producer / Director / Director of Photography

Adrian is an Award-Winning Independent Filmmaker who has been active since the year 2000. He has worked on feature films, short films, and commercials of all genres and budgets. The self-proclaimed "King of Guerrilla Style" obsessively captures every moment with cinematic flair! Adrian's work has earned audience and critic awards at film festivals in many countries around the world... but he continues to learn new tricks to outdo himself!

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David Glenney

Video Technician / Producer / Editor

David Glenney represents the technical mind of Burned Copy. His background includes multi-cam "live event" production such as concerts and music videos... and the expertise to arrange it all together on an editing timeline! Add that to years of experience creating independent film and commercial video projects, performing live music, creating elaborate modifications to video games and you've got one creative dude!

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Adrian Cook

Post-Audio Ninja-Neer

Motion Pictures have always had a major impact in Adrian Cook's life! Ever since he was a child, he had dreams of becoming a Ninja like Sho Kosugi, a fighter pilot like Maverick, a warrior like Conan the Barbarian, or to acquire "The Glow" like Leroy Green and Sho’nuff! Fast forward to today... with SOUND as his weapon, The Audio Ninja's Hall of Fame career has shaped the Anime English-Language Dubbing industry with credit for 2,000+ episodes and full-length films from Japan!

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